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Hey Aura Babes! Thank you so much for hanging in there while it has been a while from our last post! While the weather is slowly breaking, we wanted to share with you our newest Spring collection. Our Spring Edition Fashion Trends Is A Total Vibe!

We are obsessed with unique pieces that you can integrate easily with pieces in your wardrobe and within our shop. From neutrals to pops of colors and patterns there is something everyone will love.You can curate a minimalist wardrobe with pieces you are guaranteed to wear over and over again. To find out the hottest new items and stylish pieces continue reading below; we've got you covered!

 Spring Essentials You Need This Season

Everyone should have a bodysuit in their collection this season they are so imperative and classy. Bodysuits are one of the easiest pieces to style and secretly so comfortable to wear. A neutral print or a solid bodysuit will carry you so many ways or same style different colors. Our Sweet Chic Bodysuit Is so Beautiful, flowy and chic you can wear style classy to work, meetings, social gathering or a night out with your friends. Easily elevate any outfit! One of our recommendations from our Boutique is the Sweet Chic Bodysuit, which comes in 2 staple colors that will carry you this Spring.


Next On The Essentials List Is A Trend Alert Tunic For Sure. You have seen this style all over social media, and rightfully so they are so cute! Not only is this tunic a lightweight top it is super stretchy and flattering. Our Spring Feeling tunic is a Spring Vibe for all the reasons. The off the shoulder feature is a nice flirty touch with a thin breathable linen material. Tunics like this are so chic and flirty good perfect for skirts, jeans, leggings, and shorts.

Coral/Peach are always a trend during the spring and summer months, peachy coral foes so well with items already in your closet. Twisted knot tunics are all the rave and give you a super classy surprise look once you turn around.Our Twisted Between Memories Tunic is such a beautiful tunic you will love if you are looking for s different tunic where you can have your back semi exposed.

A Maxi Dress That you can always wear! Maxi dresses are our absolute favorite items to keep in stock. Our By Your Side Maxi Dress Is such a beautiful flattering an forgiving dress. Not only is this dress lightweight and cozy it comes with pockets as well. Here's a secret to add different looks out of one dress you can tie knots along the bottom, a side slit if you are bold! The best part of a maxi dress is that you can throw on a cozy sweater or you favorite denim button up and make the dress into a skirt. 


Thank you so much for stopping by and reading our latest blog post. This concludes some of our Spring Essentials! I think adding some of these staple pieces will give your wardrobe a fresh look to mix and match with certain pieces. 

Question Of The Day: What Clothing Item Can You NOT Go Without This Spring? Can't Wait To Hear Your Thoughts In The Comments Below!

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